Bald is Beautiful

I received a message yesterday from my friend, Jo, in Texas. She is scheduled to have her head shaved next week. She has volunteered to do this in an effort to raise money for St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer research. She has less than a week to go to reach her goal of $2000. So far, she has about $1100. I think it’s an incredible thing she is doing.

I’m sharing this because I’m so impressed when people give this much of themselves. Although I’m not quite ready to have my head shaved, I was not at all surprised to hear Jo was going that extra mile. So instead, I’m helping to support her in this quest. (When I finally decide to cut my hair, I will donate it to the cause.)

How many of us are willing to do what Jo is doing? Not everyone has to go that far, but if you want to get involved, please go to and click on the “Find A Participant” tab. Then type her name (Jo Jensen) in the name field and make an online donation to this important cause! She’ll be posting an “AFTER” photo for you to see that she kept her promise of shaving her head just to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Yes, bald is beautiful, Jo. And so are you for helpling our “little people.”

  1. Wow, what a sacrifice! I’m growing my hair out to donate (Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths) for wigs, but I plan to leave plenty on my head when it’s time to get out the scissors!

  2. I have known Tee (Teresa) for a number of years and am never completely surprised by her graciousness. It’s a way of life for her! Thank you, Tee, for putting this “Bald Is Beautiful” statement on your Blog and most especially for your continued friendship and support.

    While I tend to think that babies and young children are beautiful bald (and we grandmothers maybe not so much), the real beauty lies in the undaunted spirits of youngsters who simply do not allow cancer to define them. It is for them; their courage, hope, and belief in us to help them that I will “bare my head” to raise funds for a cure. Then maybe one day no one will loose their hair from cancer and the side effects of chemo! Thank you to everyone for your donations to this cause and your emotional support!!

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