P Word Reveal!

JPism for the week:


The title is… drum roll, please…


And the winner for the title selection is Lisa Boyles. Thank’s Lisa! And thank all of you who participated. You help me more than you know. Your title suggestions start my brain churning.

I’m moving right along on The Advocate’s Phantom. I think you’re really going to like this one. Lots of twists and turns.

Thanks for the “Sista Trip” suggestions as well. We decided to go to Maine this summer, and I’m hoping to have the book done in time to do my “Facebook Live Launch” from there. (I may be dreaming because I still have a lot to do for the book to be ready–but I’m trying.)


Flower Fields


This photo at the top is taken at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. I was able to go there with my sister, Gidgi, and 3 of my favorite nieces, Robin, Allie, & Addison. It’s a pretty amazing way to spend a day. (If you like flowers of course and/or if you like your family, that works too!)

Thank you for all your “P-word” suggestions. You nailed it! I have it down to one of two words, I’ll let you know when I decide which one.


The joke for the week!

And the Winner is…

Joke of the Week:

If a group of crows is called a murder, what do you call two crows?

Attempted murder!

The winner of the mystery book contest is: Alexandria Servantes. Congratulations!

There is still time to Pre-Order The Advocate’s Oath at 25% discount. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to add The Advocate’s Oath as a “to read” on Goodreads. See you next week!



Great Beyond Burrell!


Those of you who have been waiting for the audio version of Liberating Lana won’t have to wait much longer. It’s all finished and will be up as soon as Audible approves it. I’ll let you know when it is released.

If you belong to Goodreads, please go there and mark The Advocate’s Oath as a “to read”. It all helps.




Beyond Burrell is a little different this time. I’m giving away 5 books by some of my favorite authors. To enter, you just click the link here and follow the directions. You can get extra entries by sharing with others. (That helps me because it introduces new readers to my book as well.) Please feel free to enter, share as much as you can, and good luck!…

The Advocate’s Oath Release Date!



THE ADVOCATE’S OATH will launch on April 23, 2024!  Pre-order here.

Here’s a description of the book:

Attorney Sabre Brown advocates for children every day in court, but when her young neighbor says she’s terrified because she overhead her parents talking about murder, Sabre has no idea how to help her. As a favor to an old friend, she also agrees to defend a teenage boy accused of killing his stepmother. When she discovers her client was having an affair with the victim, Sabre begins to think he’s guilty. Or is he being framed by his own dad?

With the help of her investigator, JP, and his hacker associate, Lana, they uncover a web of dark secrets and hidden motives, and they realize that events of the past are resurfacing to endanger people in the present. Racing against time, Sabre and her team must put together the pieces of this deadly puzzle before it’s too late. Can they unearth the crucial link needed to save both children?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish friends!


The Advocate’e Memory is FREE!


THE ADVOCATE’S MEMORY is FREE on Kindle today and for the next couple of days (3-6 through 3-10). Get your free copy now if you don’t already have it. If you do, remind a mystery reader friend to get one.

I love playing Sudoku. Do you? If so, try Lawrence Lloyd’s newest. They are currently only published on the Amazon US site, will later be added to other countries. They are cool  books and easy to read!


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And speaking of chickens… (We were, weren’t we?)

The JPism for the week is:



Thank you all for voting. And this time, you picked my favorite cover. That doesn’t happen very often.

THE ADVOCATE’S OATH is off to the editor. Now I wait…


I’ve Got My Title!

Isn’t that the cutest ugly dog you’ve ever seen?

I’ve had my nose to the grindstone writing the next book–the “O” book. And I’m happy to report, I’ve finished the first draft! Of course, there’s some serious editing ahead, but the basic storyline is down on paper. That brings me to the title of the book.

This book’s winner for the “O” word is: Donna Record. Congrats, Donna and thank you!

Oh yeah, the title is THE ADVOCATE’S OATH.

Madeline Settle, my cover designer, is working on the cover. It’ll be a few weeks before we send you the covers to vote on. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the series if you haven’t already finished it.


Book #15 The Advocate’s O______!




I’ve made a lot of progress on The Advocate’s O_______. I started the book, wrote several chapters and decided I didn’t like the way it started. Actually, I woke up yesterday morning thinking it wasn’t right. So, I started again, but I’m still using what I wrote first, I’m just putting it a little further into the book. I’ve only done that one other time, and that was because my publisher told me to. I’m happy now with the opening.

Thank all of you who showed up for my event this past weekend in Riverside. I’m trying to schedule some other events outside of the area. I’m hoping I can work them around other travels I have planned.

I’m going to Michigan in late April because my niece is graduating from med school at Michigan State University, and she has asked me to be a “hooder” for her. I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but I’m honored to be a part of her ceremony.

Please let me know if you live in Michigan. If so, what city are you in?


P.S. THE ADVOCATE will be FREE on Kindle January 22, & 23. Please let your mystery reader friends know!