The “I” Word–Impossible

Growing up I never really thought much about things being “impossible.” As I’ve said before, I went through life doing things because I didn’t know I couldn’t. My sisters function the same way. They’ve all set fine examples for me; none of them know the meaning of impossible.

We’ve all heard of the athlete with a handicap who does the “impossible.” Just about everyone knows about 5’ 7” Rudy Ruettiger who played football for Notre Dame. Or Wilma Rudolph, who became known as “The Black Gazelle.” She overcame polio, scarlet fever, and double pneumonia only to go on to set running records and win Olympic gold medals.

But it’s the little things you do everyday that lead to mastery and eventually overcomes the impossible. Writing that extra paragraph, doing that extra set of exercises, making one more phone call, working that extra hour, saving that extra dollar, stuffing one more envelope…it doesn’t matter what goal you’re trying to reach, it’s the little “impossibilities” that ultimately make you a winner.

So, I think I’ll go eat that extra piece of chocolate and try out for American Idol. Ok, so there are limits, but most of them are in your mind.

I’m a little “Fertile” girl who went on to write a novel, The Advocate, and actually got it published. Who’d ever thought that was possible?

What “impossible” thing have you achieved?

  1. Well, I’m still working on it. My particular goal is to sprout new hair in my bald spot without any kind of chemicals or art.


  2. Well, start with one hair at a time…you’ll get there.

  3. Tee, I believe! Karen has a knack for seeing talent. You can do it and we are here for you!

    Life is now cabaret!

  4. T, thanks for the reminder that life is “mission impossible” ONLY when we believe it is…Think possible, and it is.

    Sometimes we have to redefine and realign…but the ultimate goal, hair on Norm’s bald spot…No, wait, JOY in life is ALWAYS possible…


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