The “P” Word is Party

Ever since I blogged the “N” word, I’ve had many questions about my launch party for THE ADVOCATE, so I’m writing a bit more about that event. It was in a “p” word…phenomenal. Everyone was so gracious and made me feel so wonderful. I couldn’t have done it, however, without the help of my family and friends. We had a barbeque (thank you, David) and book signing. The weather was too hot, but other than that, everything was perfect.

Over a hundred people attended the launch party, many of them not local. My dear friend, Marilee, came the furthest, all the way from Kalispell, Montana. What a treat that was. My sister, Madeline, flew in from Idaho, and my niece, Kimmie, from Washington. I had friends and relatives from San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Kern Counties. Friends arrived from all different walks and times of my life. Some were from my teaching days, others from when I attended law school and then practiced law, from my private businesses, and even from high school (now that goes way back).

The Advocate sales were over one hundred…not bad for my first. And if you missed the west coast launch and you live by that other ocean…come see me in Kennebunk, Maine at Kennebooks Bookstore on July 30th.

Thank you all for attending, for buying my book, and for making me feel like a celebrity. That part was a hoot!


  1. What a great book launch! Sounds like fun. Congrats on the new book.

    See you soon!


  2. What a great idea? I never thought of doing this. Too late for my first book, but I'm definately going to do this for the second and third books of the trilogy (and have copies of the first book for sale too, of course). Thanks for the idea.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. You've blogged a lot about how great your family is… They are wonderful! That is a bunch of traveling! Too cool! I'm so glad this was a huge success!

  4. Thank you. And Nick, you are right, I do have a wonderful family. I'm very lucky. They always come through…T

  5. They are wonderful! That is a bunch of traveling! Too cool! I'm so glad this was a huge success!

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