The “Q” Word is “Q”

This is written for my good friend, Roberto, Quinones, who I affectionately call “Q.” He was a dear friend and colleague who recently passed away at the young age of fifty-two from prostate cancer. I can’t say the letter “q” without thinking about him, so I had to write this in his memory. Below is a picture of Q playing Santa Claus at Clinica del Ninos in Rosarito, Mexico where we go each year to provide a Christmas party for the children. Although a new Santa will fill his spot, no one will really take his place.

Q was a very special person in my life and in every life he encountered. I first met him when he started work at juvenile court with the Alternate Public Defender’s office. He was basically there to take my job away. So you see, it would have been very easy to not like him. But the fact that we all did was an indication of what kind a man he was. He was honest, a straight-shooter, cared deeply about his clients, and believed strongly in the system. Not exactly how most people would describe an attorney. In addition, he was a wonderful father, had a great sense of humor, loved life, and always put everyone else’s needs in front of his own. I know people tend to say nice things about people after they have passed away, but Q was the kind of guy who people said nice things about when he was alive.

So once again “Q” came through for me…providing me with a word for the hardest letter in the alphabet. Thank you.

  1. I recall many instances of Tee sharing memories of good times with “Q” and yet was unaware of his untimely death. What an outstanding tribute to his life and his friendship. As I read your loving thoughts about “Q”, a quote came to mind: “To HAVE a friend, one must first BE a friend.” Tee could have been the inspiration for that quote! She's certainly always been there for me. Jo

  2. Thank you, Jo. You are wonderful.

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