The “Z” word is Zero

The “Z” word is zero…zero days left in 2009. That leaves only hours to complete this year’s resolutions. It’s time to dump the old list and make a new one, and be realistic this time. Then starting January 1, 2010, zero in on one major resolution at a time and make it happen!

I always make a “New Year’s Resolution” list and although I don’t accomplish everything, I manage to get a lot of it done. I even break it down into categories. I have my “physical” list, that’s what I want to do to get into shape. I have my “emotional” list, the things I want to work on to feel better about myself. I have my “financial” list, my “make life better for others” list, my “family” list, and I always have a “travel” list, stating the places I want to go. Some of these lists overlap. Before I start to make my new list I take my resolutions from the year before and look at the things I’ve accomplished and the things I have not. Then I take the things from the year before that are still important to me and put those down first, usually with some revisions, making them more realistic or giving them a higher priority.

This year one of my goals is to speak to as many groups, in as many states, as I can about child abuse. Another is to take those extra pounds off I just put on for the holidays. My novels are a big part of this year’s resolutions. I have sales numbers set for The Advocate. I have editing and publication goals for my second novel (which still needs a name). And I plan to complete the third novel in the series.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little anal about this resolution thing, but however you do it, it’s time to zero in and get started! Do you have a resolution you are particularly determined to accomplish this year?

Happy New Year!

  1. Your resolutions are full of zest, zeal, zip and zealless! I look forward to reading many more.

  2. Zank you very much!

  3. That is a great list..particularly the child abuse resolution!

    Good luck with the novel..I'm nearing the end of the final draft of my first novel..then comes the selling part..yikes…oh well…it's written right?

    Just published my poetry book so good things do happen!

    Happy New Year..hope all your resolutions happen!

    and sounds like you are great at making them happen!


  4. Dear Teresa,

    You probably hear a lot of this, but I was molested by my step-father as a child. I intend to write about this experience and how I feel it has affected my behavior as an adult, but it is a very daunting step. Over time I have become more and more comfortable about talking about those days. I find it especially significant that, at age 49, it has become so much more a part of my psyche. Maybe I was so busy running around trying to make a living and raise a family that I didn't slow down enough to let those memories creep in. Hold it! I'm still running around trying to make a living and raise a family!

    Right now I am posting some of my work on the internet. Eventually I will broach this topic.

    Your work is helping me find the words.

    Warm Regards,

    Denise Burks

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