Happy Mother’s Day

I’m not a mother, technically, but over the years I have received many Mother’s Day wishes from my nieces and nephews, my “de-facto” son, my students, and minor clients. I commend all of you who have given birth, but more importantly to those who have given love to the children of this world. I want to share an experience I had while practicing law at juvenile court.

My client, a little boy about eight or nine years old, was in foster care because his mother was on drugs. Although I don’t excuse his mother’s behavior, she was basically a good woman with a serious drug addiction. She made some bad choices when she was young and her child suffered because of it. But it didn’t stop the little boy from loving her just the same. When I went to visit him he told me all about both of his mothers. This is the what he said. “I have two mothers, a mother and a God-mother, the mother that born me, and the one God gave me. I love both of them.”


  1. Well, over the last year (and then some)you've looked after me in this strange world of publishing and writing. Please add another son to your list. Happy Mother's Day Tee!

  2. You couldn't have paid me a greater compliment. Thank you, Nick. Hugs, Tee

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