First Reader Review on “The Advocate’s Conviction”

This is the first email I received from a reader for The Advocate’s Conviction:

“Good book…if I had to chose, it’s my favorite of the 3…although 2 was right up there also, not that I didn’t like no.1 too. Good to see JP have a bit more of a role…and like JP, I would have wanted to kick Sabre’s butt also for wandering off late at night to meet the kid. Maybe JP should handcuff himself to Sabre :)…Sabre should know better by now. :p  When’s no. 4 coming?”–Chris
Thanks, Chris. I’m sure most of my readers would love to see JP handcuffed to Sabre. Everyone seems to love JP. But then, what’s not to love? And handcuffing them together isn’t a bad idea, maybe I’ll do that in another book.

I’ll post more emails later.

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