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Girl Scouts at Book Signing

I’m still advocating across America, but for a while I’ll be right here in southern California. I was at a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Towne Center, Long Beach, CA just recently, and had the great pleasure of meeting a Girl Scout troop. The manager told me they were there to earn a badge, and they wanted to meet an author. So he coordinated it with my book signing.

What a great day it was for me. I got to meet these enthusiastic young girls, eager to read, and some even interested in writing. I talked to them about my experience as an author and answered their questions. Each one had prepared a question to ask (part of earning their badge, I presume.) They were delightful and had some really intelligent and interesting questions. They spent the whole afternoon in the bookstore and were well monitored by the adults and all polite and very well behaved.

Afterward, they asked me to sign bookmarks for them. It was more fun than signing books because they were so excited.

The Girl Scouts is a really great program for children. I wanted to be a girl scout when I was a kid, but never got the opportunity. The program has some very dedicated people as I just saw with the group in Long Beach. The thing that impressed me the most, however, was that there was a badge given for literacy. How cool is that! I don’t recall Girl Scouts having a literacy badge when I was young. Go Girl Scouts!

Were you a scout when you were young? Any fun stories to tell?