The Advocate’s Nightmare

Attorney Sabre Brown has dealt with her share of predators over the years as a child advocate, but the defendant in her latest case is the worst—targeting vulnerable women and their young daughters for decades. When the predator is abruptly murdered, Sabre’s investigator reluctantly takes the case, but with so many victims, who are now suspects, JP struggles to make progress.

Meanwhile, Sabre’s brother gets tangled in a paternity/custody case, and she has to defend him in court—her worst nightmare. The stunning truth for both cases is buried in the past. Can they dig it up and nail the killer before innocent men are framed for crimes they didn’t commit?

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Remarks from Readers–The Advocate’s Memory

“This series never fails to excite me!”

Remarks from Readers–The Advocate’s Labyrinth

It is hard to believe that each book can get better, but this was not only your best book, it was one of the best of any books I have read.“–Tony H.

Another great read!”–Sheila
It was so good that I couldn’t stop reading.“–Vickie
Loved this book from the very beginning to the last word.“–Donna R.
Another great book, a lot different than your other ones but still kept me on the edge of my seat.”–Meli