The Advocate’s Oath Release Date!



THE ADVOCATE’S OATH will launch on April 23, 2024!  Pre-order here.

Here’s a description of the book:

Attorney Sabre Brown advocates for children every day in court, but when her young neighbor says she’s terrified because she overhead her parents talking about murder, Sabre has no idea how to help her. As a favor to an old friend, she also agrees to defend a teenage boy accused of killing his stepmother. When she discovers her client was having an affair with the victim, Sabre begins to think he’s guilty. Or is he being framed by his own dad?

With the help of her investigator, JP, and his hacker associate, Lana, they uncover a web of dark secrets and hidden motives, and they realize that events of the past are resurfacing to endanger people in the present. Racing against time, Sabre and her team must put together the pieces of this deadly puzzle before it’s too late. Can they unearth the crucial link needed to save both children?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish friends!


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