As a child I always loved carousel rides. I still do. I ride one every chance I get. I know it’s slow and it just goes around in a circle, but for some reason I feel so free on them.

I remember when the Polk County Fair would come to town in Minnesota and we would go with my family. It’s the first ride I remember ever taking. I thought I was flying. Even then I would lean back and feel the air on my face. I still do.

This carousel is at California Adventure in Anaheim…King Triton’s Carousel to be exact. The animals were from the sea and very colorful. I spotted a bright purple seahorse (I’ve always found them fascinating.) that I wanted to ride on But some little kid beat me to it. I probably could have taken him, (he was only about three years old) but his father was pretty big, so I let him have it. I settled for a sea lion.

Sometimes you just have to feel like a kid. Does anyone else still like to ride the carousel?


  1. I took my daughter on one at the Ren Fest. There were some interesting animals on it. I am looking forward to going back.

  2. Being a kid forever is one of my goals. A responsible one, but a kid nonetheless :]Or is it the responsibility that makes us adults? Hmm

  3. Good point, M.G. But there is so much more we can see through the eyes of a kid.

  4. I ride the carousel every chance I get with my nieces and nephew…we ride them together at both Disneyland and CA Adventure, along with the one at the San Diego Wild Animal park…that one is neat with all the different animals on it…I usually ride the okapi (my favorite)..

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