The Advocate’s Illusion — Release

The Advocate’s Illusion, the 9th book in The Advocate Series, releases on March 6, 2018.


Attorney Sabre Orin Brown takes on three disconcerting new cases, each with its own illusion: a woman claiming she was impregnated by a ghost, a threatening parent prone to violence, and a child bride with a heart-breaking First Amendment issue. At the same time, Sabre tries to protect her mother who is dating a suspicious widower she met online. In Sabre’s search for justice, she is found near death after a magician’s illusion deviously goes wrong.


We will be launching the book with a Facebook Launch Party on Tuesday, 3/6/18, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Please join us if you can.


The Advocate’s Geocache Cover Reveal!

The Advocate’s Geocache is the seventh book in The Advocate Series. My new bookcover designer, Zachary Settle, provided me with two different covers in three different colors. I submitted them to my readers to help choose the cover. Unlike past years when I have done this, the […]

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Don’t Wrestle with a Pig

Here is the latest JPism submitted by Robin Thomas.   I’ve finished the first draft of book #7 in The Advocate Series. Teresa

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“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” JP

Here’s the latest quote from JP. Thank you Sally Banks for submitting the quote so we could create the picture. All you readers are welcome to submit a JPism from any of my books and we will create the picture with the quote. We’ll keep doing it […]

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A Children’s Book is Nothing Without a Great Illustrator!

I took a little break from my legal suspense mysteries to write a children’s book. Okay, I didn’t actually take a break. It was written while I was working on my last book. When I needed a break from the killing and chasing and all that makes […]

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Another JPism

Thank you all for the wonderful submissions of your favorite JPism. Here’s the one from William Burroughs: Please keep them coming. Just tell us your favorite line by JP and we’ll create the image. Respond here, private message on Facebook, or email me at Teresa Author […]

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All Hat and No Horse

A week or so ago I posted athe first JPism with an image. I asked readers to submit their requests for their favorite. Here’s the request from Jamie Billings:     Anyone else have a favorite they would like to see in an image? If so, you […]

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is the month set aside to build domestic violence awareness and to remember those who have been victims of this horrible ctrime. How many of you are aware that October was set aside for this? It has been in effect since 1987. That’s 27 years and I […]

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I Made the All-Stars!

In August, Amazon started this new program where they list “All Star Authors.” Each month they take the top 100 authors in their Kindle Unlimited Program and give them special recognition. They send out a letter and notify you if you make the list. A couple of […]

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What’s Your Favorite JPism?

JP has become a favorite character in The Advocate Series. Every woman wants him, every man wants to be him. Well, maybe not everyone, but he certainly is popular. JP is known for his slang remarks that he learned from his Texas-born-and-bred grandpappy. Some of the sayings […]

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The Advocate’s Felony

The Advocate’s Felony was released on August 6th and has reached best selling rank on Amazon. I’m so grateful to all my readers who have helped keep this series alive. Most recently it has also become a big hit in Australia. I think that’s reason enough to […]

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